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Secure luggage storage is important for travelers around the globe. However, secure storage in a hotel is not possible every second of a trip. An alternative to having to carry suitcases and bags with you all the time while you're at your destination is flexible self-storage in Munich. 

In this article, we explain how you can enjoy the benefits of a flexible and smart solution for luggage storage with the help of self-storage.

Whether tourist or local, you can combine a comfortable stay with maximum security for your luggage by using our storage boxes and lockers.

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Why using luggage storage by Zeitlager?

When you visit cities like Munich for business or pleasure, luggage will always be with you. Lockers at the train station, airport or dropping off at the hotel are not available at every moment of a stay. There are many situations where you would like to leave your luggage and the possibility to do so is missing.
Some examples are:

  1. As commuters visiting who visit your city not for tourist purposes. Depending on the date you may be carrying extra luggage that you would like to store secure.
  2. As a tourist on the first or last day of your trip. In this case, it is no longer possible to store the luggage at the hotel. So you end up exploring the city while lugging around full suitcases and travel bags.
  3. As a pupil or student with backpacks and bags.Here it is more comfortable to visit a cinema or restaurant without bags that allows you to move more freely in the heart of Munich.
  4. As a business traveler who wants to spend the evening at in a restaurant or club. Briefcase and other luggage around the working life are only annoying.

In all these situations a luggage storage solution helps. With it, you have a secure place to store your bags and luggage. With this you use a safe place to store and bags and luggage. You can move freely and do not have to pay attention to the luggage you carry every minute

How does our modern luggage storage work?

Luggage storage in Munich
Any other questions about Luggage storage ? If you need help with our storage boxes do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail

As a service provider for Munich's or other city center and neighboring districts, we have built-in storage boxes available for self-storage at various locations. We offer these boxes in four different sizes. This way you can be sure that the storage space provided meets your needs and the respective luggage size.

Our boxes for luggage storage are located distributed at important hotspots in the heart of the states capital. They are easy to use and allow you to store suitcases, bags and similar luggage in a few simple steps. Do you need luggage storage in Munich for a few hours? Or for a longer period of time? Simply use the storage boxes for up to 14 days or extend the rental period afterwards in the app.

Find out more about the individual locations of our storage boxes on our website. Due to the convenient locations in city center, they are quickly accessible, no matter where you are coming from to visit our megacity.

From a shopping trip to a visit to the cinema to a business appointment, they make every stay more enjoyable.

Below you can find more questions and answers about the luggage storage.

Storing luggage in self-storage - the benefits we offer

As a service provider for luggage storage and the surrounding area, we quarantee you of these benefits:


With a wide range of boxes and lockers, we respond to your wishes. As a tourist and commuter, use as much storage space as you wish.


Our clean storage boxes are equipped with the latest locking technology. In addition, the boxes and lockers are guarded, which gives you security during your absence. Thanks to the digital access system with video surveillance, your belongings are in safe hands. Only customers have access and those people to whom you entrust the access code.


Our luggage storage in Munich solution is one of the easiest and most convenient solutions out there. Select your branch and whether you want to rent it immediately or reserve your locker. Then select the box size between S and XL and pay conveniently online. After booking you will receive your personal access data for the app. Download this and you will have access to the branch and your locker.


We offer you our service at attractive conditions. Pay us conveniently and easily with a credit card, Paypal, Google or Apple Pay.


Are the contents in our storage boxes insured?

Yes, the contents of the storage boxes and lockers are insured up to an the amount of 400 euros.

This will make it easier for you to decide to store your luggage in our boxes. Therefore, please refrain from storing things that exceed this value.

Who is aware of the contents of the box?

Usage is completely discreet, so that the contents of the individual compartments are not explicitly known. Video surveillance takes place for security reasons. However, the collected footage is only used for evaluation in the event of potential criminal offenses. How openly or anonymously you as a user of the boxes deal with the contents of your chosen storage box is up to you.

Can the box be opened without my consent?

Of course, the compartment may not be opened during the rental period without personal consent.


What luggage can I store in the box?

Basically, the boxes and compartments can accommodate all kinds of suitcases, travel bags and other bags.

Use our luggage storage service now

You want to move freely and flexibly without annoying suitcases and the surrounding area? With our secure, clean and inexpensive storage boxes in different sizes, we also offer you the ideal solution for luggage storage.

Make your experience how easy your luggage storage in the state capital can be.

We are glad about your trust!

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