Self storage in Munich - flexible, discreet & cashless!

Secure luggage storage is important for travelers around the globe. However, secure storage in a hotel is not possible every second of a trip. An alternative to having to carry suitcases and bags with you all the time while you're at your destination is flexible self-storage in Munich.

The alternative to a safe deposit box: Self storage in Munich!

If you want to keep your belongings particularly safe, you've probably already thought about a safe deposit box. But that's easier said than done: the number of branches at banks and savings banks is shrinking - and of the existing branches, only a small number even offer safe deposit boxes.

The alternative is to rent a private safe deposit box in Munich. As a company, but also as a private individual, you have the option of renting such a box for self storage in Munich's central locations and region.

What you need for this? The prerequisite is a smartphone, an e-mail address and a valid means of payment.

How does our modern self storage in Munich work?

Self storage in Munich
Any other questions about the self storage in Munich? If you need help with our storage boxes do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail

As a service provider for Munich's city center and neighboring districts, we have built-in storage boxes available for self-storage in Munich. We offer these boxes in four different sizes. This means that you can rest assured that the storage space provided will suit your needs and the size of your luggage.

Our self-storage boxes are located at key hotspots in the heart of the nation's capital. They are easy to use and allow you to store suitcases, bags and similar luggage in a few simple steps. Do you need luggage storage for a few hours? Or for a longer period of time? Simply use the storage boxes for up to 14 days or extend the rental period afterwards in the app.

Find out more about the individual locations of our storage boxes on our website. Due to the convenient locations in Munich's city center, they can be reached easily, no matter where you are coming from when visiting our city of over a million inhabitants.

From a shopping trip to a visit to the cinema to a business appointment, they make every stay more enjoyable.

Storing luggage in self-storage in Munich - the benefits we offer

As a service provider for luggage storage in Munich and the surrounding area, we quarantee you of these benefits:


With a wide range of boxes, we respond to your wishes. As a tourist and commuter, use as much storage space as you wish.


Our clean storage boxes are equipped with the latest locking technology. In addition, the boxes are guarded, which gives you security during your absence. Thanks to the digital access system with video surveillance, your belongings are in safe hands. Only customers have access and those people to whom you entrust the access code.


Our luggage storage solution is one of the easiest and most convenient solutions out there. Select your branch and whether you want to rent it immediately or reserve your locker. Then select the box size between S and XL and pay conveniently online. After booking you will receive your personal access data for the app. Download this and you will have access to the branch and your locker.


We offer you our service at attractive conditions. Pay us conveniently and easily with a credit card, Paypal, Google or Apple Pay.


Which items can I store in a box?

A locker with code is a safe place for values of (almost) all kinds! For everything you want to protect against unauthorized access or destruction - besides theft, also against risks like fire etc.

What falls under the objects of value for which you should rent a box in Munich? Well, that is up to you individually. Briefcase, cash, keys, smartphone, laptop, valuables, important documents, confidential documents, data carriers and much more requires safekeeping.

What your box actually contains, only you know! Our boxes in four sizes are the right, secure place for temporary storage.

How do I pay for my box?

Locker rental in Munich with code for luggage storage wanted? You have found it: Whether commercial or completely private, one of our valuables boxes also keeps your valuables safe.

With us, you can choose from boxes of different rates in four different sizes. From smartphones to luggage. Visit our price overview.

We accept the following payment methods: PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay and credit card, except American Express. Please note that cash payment, direct debit or bank transfer is not possible.

If you need special dimensions and volume, just contact us: We will find your individual, reliable box solution for your needs.

When is a private box for luggage storage in Munich interesting? A few examples

Locker rentals in Munich are problem solvers. Head to the gym for a quick spin after work, but where to put your home office files? Lock up documents and laptop until after the workout - uncomplicated, in a locker near to you.

You want to send certain things to friends and acquaintances or documents to business partners, but can't find the time to hand them over in person? Or do you have to hand over goods to a buyer? Rent a safe deposit box for security. Even if you are a buyer yourself, a locker with a code offers you a flexible option for removing goods when it suits your schedule.

A locker near the train station keeps valuables safe for you if you have to commute regularly. Are you a student? A locker near the university will protect you and take the load off your shoulders. It will store your study materials as well as your foldable e-scooter for the way home. 

Do you need to drop some shopping or a briefcase before attending a cultural event? Renting a locker means traveling light - and visiting the cinema, concert and theater in comfort.

What are the other advantages of renting a box in Munich?

Renting a locker from us is not only safe. Our self-storage offer can also be booked quickly and easily online. And you can use them flexibly, because every locker is guaranteed to be accessible 24/7 - day and night, 365 days a year.

In other words, you don't need an appointment to visit your locker, but you benefit from the highest security standards at a fair price, in Munich and the surrounding area.

Are the contents in our storage boxes insured?

Yes, the contents of the storage boxes are insured up to an amount of 400 euros. For this reason, you will find it easier to decide to store your luggage in our boxes. Please, however, do not store anything that exceeds this value.

How safe is it to rent a box for luggage storage in Munich?

Do you place high demands on the safekeeping of valuable objects? So do we - and that's why we attach great importance to cleanliness, good lighting and high-quality security technology. Thanks to the digital access system with video surveillance, your belongings are in safe hands.

Zeitlager City branches are equipped with modern security systems, such as 24/7 camera surveillance, trespass alarms, and individual alarms that monitor your box at all times.

Only customers have an individual and personal access code to the facility and to your individual box. 

Can the box be opened without my consent?

It goes without saying that the locker may not be opened without your personal consent during the rental period.

Rent a private safe deposit box now - for flexible, discreet security in Munich

You want to store valuable objects safely and securely, for a few hours or for a longer period of time? As a company or private individual, you can rent a safe deposit box from us at many locations in Munich and the surrounding area. 

A service that you can book quickly and easily, simply online.

Download our app and check the availability for your individual desired date right away.

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