Zeitlager City offers many sizes. Here you will find an overview of all sizes and relevant information:

  • Shop is open 24/7
  • Rental periods from 3 hours to 6 months, always flexibly extendable
  • Possibility to reserve the box in advance

Our smallest size is S, which is ideal for storing keys, sports and cycling shoes, laptop bags, document holders, handbags, small purchases and books. This size is perfect for customers who only want to store a small amount of items.

For customers who need a little more space, we recommend size M. Here you can store backpacks and bags, small sports equipment, folders and books, small instruments, art supplies, board games and tools. This size is also suitable for customers who want to store seasonal clothing or other larger items.

Size L is one of the most popular sizes at Zeitlager City. Here customers can store backpacks, hand luggage, trolleys, travel bags, foldable bicycles, tools, instruments and art objects. This size is perfect for customers who need to store a lot of items but don't have any larger items.

For customers wanting to store larger items such as sports and cycling gear, instruments, seasonal clothing and tools, we recommend size XL. This size is also suitable for customers who want to accommodate several larger pieces of luggage or bags.

The size Ski is ideal for customers wanting to accommodate larger items such as skis and snowboards, multiple large suitcases, guitars, instruments, surfboards, wakeboards, fishing gear or paragliding gear.

Finally, we also offer the size Cube, which is perfect for customers who want to store up to six moving boxes, large travel suitcases, disassembled bikes, camping gear and seasonal clothing.

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