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Once you have stored your belongings in a luggage locker Munich is that much easier and more convenient to explore. Getting large bags up and down escalators, onto and out of buses, through shopping districts, over cobblestones and into museums and parks is a tiring hassle. But it doesn’t have to be: we offer flexible, convenient storage at the locations where you need it most.

Whether you are a tourist arriving in the city for a day trip, a regular commuter, or even a local looking to lighten your load for a bit, storing your baggage can make all the difference.

That is why we offer convenient and flexible luggage lockers in various locations around the city, including at the main railway station Munich central station and at Munich airport.

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Stashing your bags in a Munich luggage locker to explore the old city

There is so much to see in Munich: the imposing Frauenkirche, famous Marienplatz and beautiful Englischer Garten are inviting experiences offering you a taste of the old city. You will enjoy strolling across cobble stones, through picturesque alleys, and down winding sidestreets.

To get a feel for the historical Munich, stow your bags in a convenient locker and explore on foot.

Munich’s vibrant contemporary scene

Luggage locker Munich
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For a more modern flair, there is also plenty of shopping in creative boutiques and designer studios, innovative and award-winning cuisine beyond beer halls, and sports. But even in state-of-the art buildings with all the amenities, imagine hoisting your bags up escalators or into a crowded arena.

And constantly keeping an eye on your luggage can distract you from soaking up all the impressions this amazing city has to offer. Instead, you could have your hands free and move around unencumbered.

Our focus: keeping your belongings safe

It is much easier to relax when you know you have left your bag where it will be safe: in our constantly monitored luggage lockers in Munich. A unique personal access code delivered to your phone means only you can access your luggage locker – no one else.

And for an extra layer of security, no one without a code can access our storage facilities. No more worry about leaving your bag behind a hotel front desk or in a spare room where dozens of people might come and go. So let us help you enjoy our city.

Storage lockers for any traveler regular commuters, too, can make use of our convenient luggage lockers at Munich Hbf railway station and our Munich airport luggage lockers. If you are looking for somewhere to store a foldable bike while you are at the office, our storage services can’t be beat. And unlike a bike locked to a pole, the contents of your storage locker is insured. Eco-friendly commuting just got easier!

Then, if you want to join your colleagues for a drink and bite to eat after work, you can relax knowing that your bike and bags will wait for you to claim them whenever you are ready.

Not just for out-of-towners: convenient bag storage for locals

Our luggage lockers in Munich are handy for locals just as much as for visitors from outside the city. After some shopping in our many boutiques and outlets, maybe you are looking to enjoy a stroll through one of our many parks? Or you might want to go see a movie or grab a bite to eat, all without worrying about your new purchases.

Simply leave them in our flexible luggage lockers. You can use our short-term rental and pay easily with one of our many flexible payment options: Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal or a credit card.

Reliability and security for business clients

Our long-term storage is particularly valuable for businesses looking for luggage locker options. The reliability and safety of our systems is paramount: every facility has 24/7 video monitoring, an alarm system to prevent unauthorized access and a personalized account that are available only to the individual user.

Locker contents are also insured for up to four hundred euro, giving you extra security. Why not make a company account for traveling sales personnel or executives who move from city to city for different meetings?

Flexible durations and different sizes

Whatever your needs are, there is a Munich luggage locker in the right size for you. Large suitcases fit easily into our XL-sized lockers at Munich central station and our Munich airport lockers. Or you can store just a document case, tote bag, or light coat you won’t be needing in one of our three smaller sizes.

With a flexible selectable storage duration from three hours up to two weeks, you have maximum flexibility, when you pick up your things again.

No hassle with lost keys or tags

Using our luggage lockers is simple. In a city as tech-friendly as Munich, all you need for luggage storage is a smartphone, an email address and a valid method of payment. Operation could not be simpler: with a personal code delivered to your phone, you know that only you can access your individual locker.

And you don’t need to worry about losing your locker key or demagnetizing a chip card.

Take advantage of our Munich luggage lockers

So leave your baggage behind for a change: lighten the load with our flexible luggage locker options. They’re convenient, affordable, safe and easy to use.

Locker Munich - the benefits we offer

As a service provider for locker in Munich and the surrounding area, we quarantee you of these benefits:


With a wide range of boxes and lockers, we respond to your wishes. As a tourist and commuter, use as much storage space as you wish.


Our clean storage boxes are equipped with the latest locking technology. In addition, the boxes and lockers are guarded, which gives you security during your absence. Thanks to the digital access system with video surveillance, your belongings are in safe hands. Only customers have access and those people to whom you entrust the access code.


Our luggage storage in Munich solution is one of the easiest and most convenient solutions out there. Select your branch and whether you want to rent it immediately or reserve your locker. Then select the box size between S and XL and pay conveniently online. After booking you will receive your personal access data for the app. Download this and you will have access to the branch and your locker.


We offer you our service at attractive conditions. Pay us conveniently and easily with a credit card, Paypal, Google or Apple Pay.


Are the contents in our storage boxes insured?

Yes, the contents of the storage boxes and lockers are insured up to an the amount of 400 euros.

This will make it easier for you to decide to store your luggage in Munich in our boxes. Therefore, please refrain from storing things that exceed this value.

Who is aware of the contents of the box?

Usage is completely discreet, so that the contents of the individual compartments are not explicitly known. Video surveillance takes place for security reasons. However, the collected footage is only used for evaluation in the event of potential criminal offenses. How openly or anonymously you as a user of the boxes deal with the contents of your chosen storage box is up to you.

Can the box be opened without my consent?

Of course, the compartment may not be opened during the rental period without personal consent.


What luggage can I store in the box?

Basically, the boxes and compartments can accommodate all kinds of suitcases, travel bags and other bags.

Use our service now

You want to move freely and flexibly without annoying suitcases in Munich and the surrounding area? With our secure, clean and inexpensive storage boxes in different sizes, we also offer you the ideal solution for luggage storage.

Make your experience how easy your luggage storage in the state capital can be.

We are glad about your trust!

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