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Are you looking for professional luggage storage as an alternative to the lockers at the main train station? Then you are exactly right here!

Here we explain the difference between lockers at the main train station and the solution from ZeitLager

Finding lockers at the main train station when you visit Munich privately or on business is not always easy. Above all, your luggage will always be with you. The possibility of leaving luggage at the hotel is not available at every moment of the stay. There are many situations in which you would like to leave your luggage and are unable to do so. Some examples are:

  1. As commuters not visiting your city for tourism purposes. Depending on the date, they carry additional luggage that they would like to store and secure.
  2. As a tourist on the first or last day of your trip. It is no longer possible to store luggage in the hotel. The city is explored with full suitcases and travel bags.
  3. As a schoolboy or student with backpacks and bags. Here it is more pleasant to visit a cinema or restaurant without bags and to move more freely in the heart of Munich.
  4. As business travelers who want to spend the evening in a restaurant and club. Briefcases and other pieces of luggage related to working life are only a nuisance here.
  5. You were with friends on the train ticket to the ski area and would like to end the evening comfortably after the return trip in the city.

The locker solution from ZeitLager helps in all of these situations. With this solution you have a really professional alternative to the lockers at the main train station.

How does the ZeitLager City concept work as an alternative to the lockers at the main train station?

ZeitLager City is characterized by different points from a classic luggage storage at the train station. Here travelers have the opportunity to book lockers and storage boxes from several hours to several weeks. The sizes range from the small bag to the trolley to the large suitcase. Here you can see the advantages of ZeitLager City at a glance, you have more advantages than with the lockers at the main station:
✓ Video and camera monitored, clean, dry and heated
✓ 100m from the main train station, quickly and easily accessible on foot
✓ Webshop can be booked and reserved online
✓ 500 boxes of various sizes available, also special sizes for e.g. skis
✓ Access and booking possible 24/7
✓ Customer Support

Zeitlager City is a company that specializes in storing luggage. It offers a wider range of services than a traditional luggage storage at the train station, giving you more flexibility that will allow you to have a comfortable stay in the state capital. Here you have a high-quality alternative to storing your luggage in a locker at the main train station. Here are some of the key differences:

  1. Locations
    If you want to rent lockers at the main train station, they are usually located in a specific area of ​​the train station, often in dark and dirty corridors that are accessible to everyone. Zeitlager City, on the other hand, has several downtown locations, so you can store your luggage right near your activities. There's no need to awkwardly travel around the city with heavy luggage.
  2. Flexibility
    A classic luggage storage facility at the train station usually has fixed opening hours, which means that you can only pick up your luggage within these times. At Zeitlager City, on the other hand, you can drop off and pick up your luggage at any time since the locations are open 24/7.
  3. Prices
    In many cases, luggage storage at the train station can be more expensive than at Zeitlager City. Zeitlager City offers competitive rates based on luggage storage size and duration.
  4. Reservation
    You have the option of reserving a locker before the start of your journey, just a short walk from the main train station.
Lockers at the main train station, Here is the way to ZeitLager

In summary, Zeitlager City offers several advantages compared to a classic luggage storage with lockers at the main train station. With multiple downtown locations, flexible 24-hour hours, additional services and competitive prices, Zeitlager City is a practical and convenient choice for travelers looking to store their luggage safely.

If you are looking for lockers at the main train station, we recommend using Zeitlager City. Visit our website or click here.

Are you looking for an alternative to lockers at the main train station?

ZeitLager City offers you this. You can pay cashless and have 24/7 access to your storage box. You even have the option of reserving your box in advance - an advantage that the lockers at the main train station do not have. So you have security and can start your journey in peace. On site you can move freely and flexibly in Munich and the surrounding area without the hassle of suitcases. We offer you different sizes, even if you need space for your skis.

We appreciate your trust!

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