Zeitlager starts franchising

For the very First Time is Zeitlager City present at the Franchise Expo with a stand and a demo locker. For 3 days, the team behind Zeitlager City; Roland Tubbesing, Christopher Mohr and Floris Jacobsma spoke to business owners and entrepreneurs, offering the concept as a franchise model.

Many business owners who have a food, fashion or other service-shop in a pedestrian area were seriously impressed by the mini-location solution. In Heidelberg, this location has just 4 cabinets but generated about 1000- 2000€/month!
The interest for a solution of a shop-in-shop or mini location, was overwhelming, and is possible from just 1m²!

Some show attendees imagined lockers in their bakery, others in their car dealership for managing car keys, others saw potential to place the lockers next to their event locations. One gentleman manages 20 shopping malls throughout Germany, we spoke to him and made a plan to implement in every mall, 1 to 3 mini locations.

Also, as more and more companies are implementing co-working spaces (thus simultaneously creating a demand to store personal items) see the potential to implement this concept in within these spaces. We spoke to several companies who were looking just for a solution like this. Hourly bookable lockers.    

One very interesting conversation was with 2 gentlemen who run a chain of hotels. They said that people often request to store the suitcases after checking out. Taking away usable space. After explaining the concept and demonstrating a booking from A-to-Z, they were impressed, and admitted that this would solve their storage problems. An offer was sent out on the same day.

Overall, I think what impressed the audience the most, were 3 things.

  1. Flexibility: The possibility to implement cabinets, in custom CI, who run 100% autonomously, in just about any indoor-location, makes the decision to implement 1 or just a few cabinets, easy, low-risk but very lucrative.
  2. Control: The ability to control a locker, entirely digitally, and remotely. We booked a lot of lockers, live in our shop, opened the camera feed, and were able to demonstrate openings, remotely that occurred within seconds.
  3. Ability to create an own business with a small investment! With a little investment it is possible to start your own business!

After being present on the Franchise Expo for 3 days, and experiencing the high demand, interesting conversations, and establishing a valuable network, Zeitlager City quickly made the decision to book a spot the 2024 Franchise Expo!

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