Welcome to Zeitlager City, your go-to solution for short-term locker rentals in Munich! With our secure lockers, open 24/7 and bookable online, you can now enjoy the Frühlingsfest without having to worry about the no-bag rule.

The shop is conveniently located on the way towards the Frühlingsfest from Hauptbahnhof, at the Bayerstr. 69.

Did you know that the rule for the Frühlingsfest states that bags over 3 litres capacity are not allowed? Don't let that limit your fun at the festival. With our Frühlingsfest lockers, you can store your bags safely and enjoy the festivities without any restrictions.

Our lockers come in different sizes, including many large lockers, to fit all your belongings. You can easily find a locker near you, and our location near Munich Central Station makes it easy to store your bags and continue your journey through the city.

At Zeitlager City, we understand the importance of short-term storage space for tourists and locals alike. That's why we offer short-term rental options, so you only pay for the time you need. Our short-term space options include luggage storage service, baggage storage, and short storage options. No matter what you need to store, we've got a locker for you.

Our online booking system makes it easy to reserve your locker in advance, ensuring that you have a secure locker waiting for you when you arrive. Plus, our state-of-the-art security systems keep your items safe and secure throughout your rental period.