Long-term discounts


ZeitLager offers you the possibility to save money when you commit to a longer rental period. Another way to save money is to pay in advance.

The exact amount of the discount is based on the time of your rental and the amount of the advance payment. We will gladly provide you with a tailor-made discount according to your needs and possibilities. Please call us at +49 89 785 767 33 60 for further assistance.

Short example:

With a storage area of ​​7m ² you would pay € 165 a month. If you opt for a fixed storage time of one year, you would save 10% of the monthly rent.

So you save 198 €. 

Make an appointment now by calling us at +49 89 785 767 33 60, our friendly staff will be glad to find the perfect deal that’s right for you!

(It’s not possible to combine this discount with another discount)

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