Furniture Storage

ZeitLager is the place to store furniture, temporarily or on a long-term basis. Safe, clean and dry!

Furniture storage Munich – during renovation works

It is not always possible to completely cover all furniture during renovation or put them all away. If you need more space, then we can help you – why not just outsource your inventory to ZeitLager? And as soon as your renovation in completed you can go back into your new home.

Furniture storage Munich – during your move to a new home 

You’re moving, but your new rooms are not ready yet? What would you do without ZeitLager? The self storage concept might be the perfect solution in your situation. Whether it’s a small household or a whole house, you can even safely leave your mobile home with us.

Furniture storage Munich – have you not found a home yet ?

Have you recently arrived in Munich and are you still looking for the perfect apartment or house? Then why not temporarily move into a hotel and leave your household belongings to us? This way you have all the time in the world to wait for the right offer. Your furniture and your household goods are safe with us and you can always come by to check if everything is fine with your belongings.

Furniture storage Munich – make 1 out of 2

Are you moving together with your partner and do you not want to immediately give up your household? Maybe you are unsure about which bed to keep or you want to sell some things at eBay? This way you might make some extra money for the second refrigerator or the 2nd leather couch that you don’t need anymore.

At ZeitLager it is convenient and cost-effective to wait for the perfect moment.

Furniture storage Munich – the fair booth is waiting for its next use

After each convention or fair you ask yourself the question: ‘Where can I store the materials until the next convention?” – Oftentimes, it was too expensive to just get rid of it… but at the same time it takes up too much space for you to store. At ZeitLager you cannot only store your expedition stand but you can also have  materials delivered to you storage unit, without having to be there yourself.  If later on, more material needs to be added or if you urgently need materials from your storage unit,  we will send them to you immediately.

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