File Storage


If your shelves at home or at work are full, then we come into play. With us, your records will be stored in a clean, safe and dry space.


We will fulfill your professional code of conduct and / or required statutory safety standards:

  • Guaranteed access to storage files ONLY by you personally
  • in addition you can let others access your storage Files

File Storage

File Storage Munich – Architects

Even if many files can be stored in digital form today, the good old blueprint has not yet had its day. Large filing cabinets can easily be installed with us.

File Storage Munich – Bookkeeping

The retention period for balances, inventories, trade books, invoices, documents, etc. in Germany is 10 years. Other important business documents are kept for at least 6 years.

File Storage Munich – from lexicon to novel

Many people do not want to part from their old books. If you don’t have enough space in your living room to increase the size of your library, then you will find an optimal alternative at ZeitLager. This way you can keep your ancient treasures.

File Storage Munich – Lawyers

Process files can fill entire rooms that you can probably use more effectively. With us, you can not only rent the rooms cheaply, but at the same also the shelves. This way you not only save space but you also save expenditures. We will be glad to advise you and create a needs analysis and a cost-/benefit-calculation.

File Storage Munich – Medical records

Even normal medical records have a retention period of 10 years (in Germany). In addition, it may be necessary to store specific data up to 30 years. A good reason to choose us.

File Storage Munich – Pharmaceutical Research

Sensitive documents are sometimes better off in the hands of strangers. With us there is no industrial espionage, because the rooms are not accessible by strangers. Each storage compartment only has a number and no name to it. Of course files do not always have to be made ​​of paper. Even your CDs, Mirco movies and other media can be stored safely with us.

File Storage Munich – Research & development

Universities and research institutions have huge file sets that increase every year. By no means can all files and books be fit in the Institute or the University Library.

File Storage Munich – Tax accountants

Confidential documents that might be processed in a few weeks or months should be stored in a safe place. When the accounting materials of your client are completely there, then we will send a courier or you come by yourself in order to pick up the documents.


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