Fair monthly billing

What is the difference between a monthly billing and a 4 week – billing period?

Monthly rates at ZeitLager are fair.  You pay your storage rent only once per month – just like you would pay your apartment rent only once per month.

In comparison a four week billing cycle is less transparent and not so transparent.  Some of our competitors use a 4-weeks billing cycle. Most customers are not aware that this way they often pay more than they think. 4 weeks add up to 28 days – the problem is that most months of the year have more than 28 calendar days. This is why some of our competitors will bill you “twice” per month.

At this point, a short calculation example for a storage rental of one year:

4 week prices: Suppose you would rent your storage unit for one year, then you would pay for 52 weeks … so (52:4 = 13) equals 13 times – although you only rent for 12 months!

At ZeitLager you only pay for 12 months and not a day more!

Do you see the hidden costs now?

Bottom line: A 4-week billing cycle means that you pay about 10% more than with a monthly billing cycle!

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