Daily billing

Taggenaue-AbrechnungMany of our customers do not know in advance when they want to move out of their storage unit.  We offer you a fair and transparent service. That’s why at ZeitLager you can cancel your storage rental at any time. The notice period is only 2 weeks from the day you let us know that you want to move out.

You will always be billed for the exact amount of days you rented the unit.

A short example:

If you move out after 3 months and 4 days, then you only pay for those 4 days of the new month.

If you know exactly when you want to move out and don’t want to cancel your rental later on – we have a solution as well: We offer a fixed-term contract so that your contract will end automatically at the end of your rental. This way you don’t have to worry about canceling your contract. You just sit back and wait for your rental to end. It couldn’t be easier than that.

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