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What do you plan to do?
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What others are saying about us…

Peter Maier (client at Zeitlager)

“I work in sales and use ZeitLager storage for goods that don’t fit into my place at home.

Two years ago I became ZeitLager client. I am very satisfied. Every time I arrive at the storage facility, I am greeted by a friendly and helpful staff.

It was quite easy for me to decide working together with Zeitlager. All my bigger parcels and packages arrive directly at ZeitLager. That is very important for me because I am often on the road. This way I can be sure that my packages will always wait for me at the ZeitLager storage facility.

Thanks to this agreement with ZeitLager I never have to worry about where my goods are. It is good to know that someone from ZeitLager will always be there to put my goods and packages directly into my storage compartment.”